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Southern Counties Roofing Contractors Ltd was incorporated in 1984 and has grown from strength to strength. Starting out as a relatively small company and growing into a large, well established company with an excellent reputation for quality and service.

Health And Safety

Health and safety is of paramount importance in all the work we undertake and an area that we take very seriously. All members of the management team will carry out health and safety inspections on all works that are carried out. A specific risk assessment will also be formulated for every job we undertake, with any issues being solved prior to any works being carried out.

We employ a Health and Safety consultant (McCormack Benson Health and Safety Ltd) to keep our procedures etc up-to-date and to advise on all aspects of our health and safety to ensure we comply with all health and safety law.. They will also carry out site inspections and provide us with the relevant training we require, i.e. First aid training, coshh assessment training. McCormark Benson are also assisting us in becoming CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) approved.

In Addition to employing a health and safety consultant, we also hold regular management meetings, where any health and safety issues will be brought up, discussed and actioned accordingly.


At Southern Counties, we are fully committed to reducing the impact that our carbon footprint has on the environment.

When carrying out/ pricing work, we take every step possible to avoid any disruption to any natural environment near by to where the work is being carried out or that will be affected by this work.

We will also endeavour to minimise our useage of non-reuseable resources in the work we carry out and also reduce our wastage on materials by recycling or other techniques. Environmentally Friendly products will also be used/ suggested where possible to incorporate into the roofing systems.

The majority of the vehicles in our fleet, used by our workforce and by our management team are diesel powered. This is because diesel is considered more energy efficient than equivalent petrol engines. This results in a reduction of fuel consumption generally over the whole fleet. We will also use alternative modes of transport and car shares where possible to reduce our fuel consumption.

Within our offices, we encourage all our staff to use recycled materials where possible and to recycle all waste paper. We also encourage staff to turn off any electrical appliances, mechanical equipment when not in use. The temperature of our offices are kept to a comfortable level, with the temperature being limited so it won’t overheat and in turn won’t reach a temperature that is too cool.

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